We’re a small hardware design company near Portland, Oregon. We help bring your project idea to life by creating the physical prototype you need for investors or crowdfunding. We can take you from an Arduino stack to a production-ready custom printed circuit board.

We work on both closed and open source projects of all kinds, from a 3G cellphone to the Lego-compatible Crazy Circuits educational kits. We’re particularly interested in open projects which support environmental science.

For more info, contact jenner@wickerbox.net.

We can…

  • reverse engineer existing boards
  • help nail down the design requirements
  • research and select components
  • design circuits, draw schematics, and lay out boards
  • design boards to fit in your existing assembly
  • order and maintain inventory of boards, stencils, and parts
  • assemble boards by hand soldering, reflow oven, and hot air station
  • test and troubleshoot problems with new or existing boards
  • help implement a KiCad-based process to save time and money