This is a project to extend an existing shift register demo board that Laen started, and to port it into KiCad.

The demo board provides eight output LEDs driven by an HC595 shift register with input press-buttons for data, clock, and latch. Each press of the clock button queues up the status of the data button; press the latch button to show the outputs. All inputs and outputs can be reset by pressing the master reset button followed by the latch button.

There’s a debounce problem that needs solving.

The boards can be chained together by the connectors at each end.

The KiCad schematic and layout are available at the Github repo. The project is released as open hardware under the CERN v1.2 Open Hardware license.

I’ve shared the boards at OSH Park, where you can buy a set of three for $28.85.

The rest of the parts are available at Digikey.

Ref Qty Description MF_Name MF_PN Digikey PN
C1 1 CAP CER 0.33UF 50V X7R RADIAL TDK FK24X7R1H334K 445-5263-ND
C2-C3 2 CAP CER 0.1UF 50V C0G RADIAL TDK FK26C0G1H104J 445-8532-ND
J1 1 HEADER MALE 6POS TH 1x06 0.1” Harwin M20-9992046 952-1902-ND
J3 1 HEADER FEMALE 6POS TH 1x06 0.1” Harwin M20-7820642 952-1808-ND
LED0-7 8 LED RED DIFF 5MM ROUND T/H Marktech Opto MT4118-HR-A 1125-1188-ND
LED8-10 3 LED GRN DIFF 5MM ROUND T/H Marktech Opto MT2118-G-A 1125-1184-ND
R0-R7 8 RES 150 OHM 1/4W 5% CF MINI Stackpole CFM14JT150R S150QCT-ND
R8-R12 5 RES 1K OHM 1/4W 5% CF MINI Stackpole CFM14JT1K00 S1KQCT-ND
SW1-4 4 SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 24V Omron B3F-1000 SW400-ND
U1 1 IC REG LDO 5V 1A NCP7805 TO220AB ON Semi NCP7805TG NCP7805TGOS-ND
U2 1 IC 8-BIT SHIFT REGISTER 16-DIP TI SN74HC595N 296-1600-5-ND