Top 25 Funniest Nursing Memes That Will Make You Laugh

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Have fun with all of the top 25 funniest nursing memes that will definitely make you laugh. we’ve collected (and some we’ve created) just for you.

  1. Who says nursing is stressfull?


2. When People Ask Me, What It’s Like to be A Nurse

3. Nursing students be like….

4. Go to nursing school, They said…


5. When ya get home from a long day at work and all you want is carbs and sleep

6. Every time someone asks if became a Nurse


7. Day Nurse : How was your night?


8. When you’re closer to your hospital family than to your real family


9. Just a list of the drugs i have to memorize

10. You know you are nurse when…


11. When you ask a patient one question


12. Nursing :When you’re not sure whether its Saturday or Tuesday


13. When you finally finish a horrible shift and realize it was only the first of three


14. Me, on nurse costumes


15. Teaches patient about dangers of alcohol…


16. Night shift nursing staff be like …


17. When the only gloves left in a room are 2 sizes too big

18. Nurse problems??


19. I don’t always take my medications,…


20. When the patient tells you….


21. Patient : my pain is 10/10


22. Me when I see First semester nursing students


23. When you walk into a patient’s room ….

24. The Med Room

25. Nurses Work and Effort VS Nurses Salary

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