Wickerlib is a repository of knowledge, reference circuits, and KiCad libraries.

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KiCad Libraries

Component Symbol Libraries

For reference only! These libs include supplier information for my BOM scripts, and they're linked to Wickerlib.pretty footprints. Save the .dcm and .lib files to your component (symbol) folder and explicitly add them in EESchema using Preferences > Component Libraries. Add the footprint library below in PCBNew before trying to associate symbols and footprints.

Footprint Libraries

For reference only! These .kicad_modfiles are footprints, so always check the datasheet. The zip contains a folder called Wickerlib.pretty. Save the zip and unpack that folder into your libraries folder, and explicitly explicitly it in PCBNew using the Preferences > Footprint Libraries Wizard.

KiCad Templates

Each zip contains a template project folder to be saved in your KiCad templates directory. You’ll want to move any libraries (.lib, .dcm, or .pretty folder) to your library folder and associate them in EEschema and PCBNew. All templates are set up for the OSH Park design rules.


  1. Open KiCad.
  2. Open Preferences > Configure Paths and note the value of ‘KICAD_PTEMPLATES’.
  3. Download the template zip and extract into the location of ‘KICAD_PTEMPLATES’.
  4. In KiCad, open File > New Project > New Project from Template.
  5. Select the location of your new project. The name of the folder will be the name of your project.
  6. The templates with folders in the ‘KICAD_PTEMPLATES’ are listed under ‘Portable Templates” tab.
  7. Select the template and click ‘OK’.
  8. Your project now exists, so you can open EESchema and PCBNew and design as usual.

OSH Park Blank Templates

Projects with Symbol and Footprint


  1. Philosophy of an Open Source Hardware Design Company
  2. KiCad Templates to Simplify Starting a New Project
  3. Wickerlib Symbol and Footprint Library Management
  4. Maintaining an Inventory
  5. First Schematic and Editing Components
  6. Netlist and Footprint Association
  7. Generating Bills of Material
  8. Pre-fabrication Checklist
  9. KiCad Board Layers
  10. First Board and Editing Footprints
  11. Generate Gerbers
  12. Generate Paste Layers for Stencils
  13. Generate Assembly Diagrams
  14. Makefile Magic
  15. Order from Digikey
  16. Assembling the Boards
  17. Tips for Testing and Bringing up Boards